The Influence of Technology to the People

Way back before ancient people used to walk with barefoot, their lives were just as simple as sleep,hunt animals,eat,and sleep. People were just contented with these simple things happening to their lives everyday.

As soon as these ancient people discovered fire, technology was born which paved the way for the innovation of simple things to a more refined and sophisticated gadget.

Centuries ago, people used to shout from one village to another or walk miles just to bring a message or letter to a person. Today, we now have e-mails,telephones,and radios which keeps every person connected to each other even when they are thousands of miles away. People also used animals (horses,donkeys,camels) as their mode of transportation in distant places but through the use of technology, bicycles,motorcycles and cars were invented. We even have ships,submarines,helicopters,and airplanes today.

I guess without technology, people will not survive. I have now realized and understood clearly that “necessity is the mother of invention”. I can not imagine if until today, we are still wearing g-strings or “bahag”! trying to hunt some wild boar from the mountain just to have some dinner!!! I’m so thankful that people with great minds shared their inventions to the world and made our lives easier.

It is true that technology made our lives easier but it also made us lazy! I mean almost 98% of our everyday lives involve with the use of technology. From waking up in the morning- we use alarm clocks,cellphones,microwaves,gas stoves,lights,faucets,etc.. See? from that alone, in our first 4 hours of our day, we completely depend with these gadgets and devices. If we go back some 100 years ago, people would wake up early just to fetch water from the well and burn wood just to cook breakfast. No wonder why people those days were so slender and strong! Today, we see many people so fat and obese and could not last running or walking 500meters.

Aside from making our lives easier, it has also destroyed the Earth, our mother nature. Most of the products invented like cars,aerosols,etc. emit several pollutants and toxics that made a great damage to the ozone layer of the Earth. Not only to our ozone layer but also to the people and other living things. Certain diseases are sprouting and some vegetables,meat,or seafoods can’t be eaten due to harmful chemicals found in them.

In terms of human interaction, especially in teenagers, they spend most of their time watching tv or playing videogames and could not even spend a single hour at the church nor have some chitchat with their families and friends. These situations in turn result to their isolation to the real society or communication gap. I would love to expand this topic but i guess all of you guys out there know this already.

Indeed, there are pros and cons to the emerging technology today but whatever those are, we should accept the fact that we are now in the 21st century and all things in this era are set to move forward and not backwards. If people with great minds invented things to improve our lives, i hope they can also invent something that can save our Earth.


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  1. crazyjack Says:

    great post!

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