Oh well whatever Nevermind

Ok, now that I have a plenty of time today, I uploaded my favorite music online. I have 49 songs to be uploaded and I was busy putting some images to it while uploading the music. It was around 1:50PM and it takes about 2 minutes each song to be uploaded but it was fine since I don’t have anything to do right now.

When I looked on the upper corner of the window, I saw that it has uploaded 20+ out of 49, so it was doing good and I continue on putting images with it. When it was like 27 or so(I didn’t notice), around 3:50PM, while I was browsing some pictures for my songs, the PC hanged for a second and when I moved the mouse, it was still working and I close the other window where I browsed pictures…and then I was shocked when I can not see any web browser anymore!!! Oh Shit! (I just instantly shouted, “Oh my GOD!”).

It took me 2 fuckin’ hours just to upload those songs and images! and it just disappeared???!!! What the??!!! When I tried to reload the browser, it was totally gone which means I have to do it all over again!!!

Well..never mind. I will do it again tonight or tomorrow and this time, I will upload 20 songs at a time, and definitely not 49!




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