Laugh all you want!!!


Last night was the last day of something (oh I noticed that it is still 10-11-07 but it is actually 10-12-07 @ 2AM already)…and I really don’t know why I just can’t stop laughing! I mean, we’re not on drugs or anything! Every time we see a picture, a person, or a video on the internet, we would just laugh about it like there is no tomorrow!!! Just like now! While typing this blog, I’m still laughing! I really don’t know why??!! Maybe because I’m all alone here right now? or because it’s holiday today? The heck do I know!!!

The reason why I made this blog is that I can’t sleep (insomniac*) ‘coz I can still remember of what my friend and I did earlier…We were laughing over some stupid crap! All I could remember are those fun memories that we had…ahahahaha!!! We’ve only known for about 8 days but on our 2nd day together as friends, we feel like we’ve known for 2weeks already!!! ahahahahaha!!!! (LOL!!!!) 🙂

Well anyway, another reason that I wrote this blog because I just read onto the blogs of other people and I found this person’s blog and it made me laugh really hard that I feel like I’m such a stupid person laughing by myself! I really enjoyed reading that person’s blog…it’s very funny and interesting…well that’s all…I have to continue reading that person’s blog….”Yeah nobody knows….” 😉




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