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Suyaa uy

October 11, 2007


I didn’t get the chance to watch the Matira Matibay Concert Part 2…. It was supposed to be aired on Sep 27 @ 9PM but I never got the chance to watch it ‘coz my father always watch the news at that time and on the other TV, my mother watches Kapamilya!!

I know that there is a replay but I forgot its time slot until another week passed by!!! Which means there would be no any replays that I’m gonna be watching!!! But there’s another hope for me…the holy YouTube!!!! So, I just went on with my life but I just couldn’t get a perfect time to search it on the Internet until I remembered it today! So I searched it on YouTube but unfortunately, all you can see are those videos that are taken through CPs or just some choppy video on YouTube…


While searching, I also saw the video “Bagsakan”, which is my favorite aside from “Order Taker”…this was the first time that I saw the video of “Bagsakan”…well not completely ‘coz I’m writing this blog..(I’m gonna savor it later)…well actually, I’ve heard this song two years ago but when I saw Parokya ni Edgar’s latest song/video on MYX on May or June I think? I never had the chance to watch its video… maybe because I’m not that excited? or I was expecting that their song would stay for weeks (which it did! but it only reached top1 twice or once??) and so I’ll watch its video later but I never really saw the video “bagsakan”…oh crap! where were you stupid Louie at that time!!! Oh I remember I was kinda busy during the months of May to July…oh well never mind…but oh man! I can’t believe it! Silly me!

Ok…now back to “Matira Matibay”….I still have one last resort to my problem.. Guess what? The one you can trust to!!! THE PIRATED DVDs!!!! I heard that PNE will be releasing their DVD compilation of everything… I hope I would see a Pirated DVD version of that concert…Sorry guys! I don’t believe in the saying “support your favorite bands through buying originals” LOL!!!

I really am expecting it sooner or later or until I forget about that again…I will be waiting for their album SOLID… This time, I would buy it or better yet, why not just download it!!!!



Oh well whatever Nevermind

September 22, 2007

Ok, now that I have a plenty of time today, I uploaded my favorite music online. I have 49 songs to be uploaded and I was busy putting some images to it while uploading the music. It was around 1:50PM and it takes about 2 minutes each song to be uploaded but it was fine since I don’t have anything to do right now.

When I looked on the upper corner of the window, I saw that it has uploaded 20+ out of 49, so it was doing good and I continue on putting images with it. When it was like 27 or so(I didn’t notice), around 3:50PM, while I was browsing some pictures for my songs, the PC hanged for a second and when I moved the mouse, it was still working and I close the other window where I browsed pictures…and then I was shocked when I can not see any web browser anymore!!! Oh Shit! (I just instantly shouted, “Oh my GOD!”).

It took me 2 fuckin’ hours just to upload those songs and images! and it just disappeared???!!! What the??!!! When I tried to reload the browser, it was totally gone which means I have to do it all over again!!!

Well..never mind. I will do it again tonight or tomorrow and this time, I will upload 20 songs at a time, and definitely not 49!